My Life In Sagada (Day 2)


DAY 2 


Our day started very early. We were off to Keltipan Peak. It was freezing. We were the first group to arrive Keltipan and minutes later another group arrived. Sooner, there were many of us eager to witness the sunrise.



Thirty minutes had passed. The light has started to change on the horizon. Now we saw the outline of the mountain ranges.


The sunrise had come but no sun around. It was the most beautiful sunrise in my life. Watching the sunrise with sweet.



We didn’t wait for the sun to come. We went back to the hotel.  We had coffee, I decided to taste the local brew of Sagada. It was different, it tasted like the coffee we had back in my hometown, made of dried rice.

 After we had fixed up our things, we went back to Yughort House for breakfast.  Didn’t I tell you that Yughort House is my favorite place in Sagada? This time, I tried Hiker’s Delight. It was big pancake rolled over yuhgort and banana with strawberry preserves on top. The most delicious pancake in my entire life.



We missed the third bus to Baguio so we decided to go to Bontoc and take the ride to Baguio from there. From Bontoc we took Lizardo Bus to Baguio. The Bus left Bontoc at 1pm, the same schedule the bus at Sagada left for Baguio. Nice.

The road to Baguio was as dangerous as the road from Banaue to Bontoc.

We saw the areas affected by the landslides when we reached Benguet.

 We passed the highest point of the National Highway in Atok, Benguet.


We arrived Baguio and we took the 9pm bus to Cubao.


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